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3 Simple Steps to Decluttering Your Stuff

3 Simple Steps to Decluttering Your Stuff

3 Simple Steps to Minimizing Stuff

We are moving….now what am I going to do with all this stuff?

This is how I felt just 7.5 years ago when our family packed up our house in New York of 10 years, 3 kids and a lot of homemade art projects to move to North Carolina.

I’ll never forget the trips to the dump, the piles we gave away and the many things we jammed into the biggest moving trailer we could find. This is the moment I changed how I felt about ‘stuff’.  Yes, there were some sentimental things but not everything we owned had that kind of value, so I knew it was time to change. Don’t keep lugging your stuff around from house to house or storage unit to storage unit. Keep what you need and part with what you can’t store in a few totes or keep in an un cluttered closet.

These 3 tips are helpful ways to start decluttering your stuff (even before you think about moving)

Start small- Set a timer for 15 minutes and take everything out of your junk drawer (you know- the one in your kitchen you throw everything in)

Once everything is out on the counter, sort through it and throw away what you                          don’t use or need, wipe down the drawer and put back the things you are keeping.      Seriously this took you 15 minutes! Great job!

Block time-Time blocking doesn't just have to be related to business, it can also be related to your personal things as well. For example, Fridays are your day off so you get up, grab a coffee at your local shop, run into TJ maxx and buy just a few things you need and then come home, throw your bags on the couch to unwind, look at the pile of laundry to fold, scroll social media...you get what I mean. Maybe change your plans and instead of buying more things or leaving the house block out 2 hours each Friday to go through one closet or one room.

Take it Away-Make sure when you have trash or donation bags you take care of them right away, also whatever you took out of the closet, organize and neatly put back what you’re keeping in your closet. Now, don't go buy anything else! 

Hoping this can help declutter before you move and only pack what you need for a fresh start in your new space!

Nikki Speer
Aspiring Minimalist


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