Very Low Splits- We offer 80/20 splits on Brokerage deals and 70/30 splits on Property Management.

Office Use- We office out of the new Hatch space in downtown Wake Forest. Our main office location is a very cool, renovated open space in the heart of downtown Wake Forest. We have an office space and can reserve the conference center at any time. This is free space to all our agents.

Marketing Muscle- Free for all our agents is the Real Estate Marketing Agency Property Playbook. You can work one on one with the Director or outline your vision and let them take the ropes for you!

Property Specific Realty is an advanced and technologically savvy firm. Additionally, we have an in -house photographer; videographer; designer, GC and marketing firm.

Climb the Ladder- We are a very advanced Real Estate Firm with multiple facets of career paths to choose. We help groom the best in the business!

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