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Best Cherry Blossom Spots In Raleigh!

Best Cherry Blossom Spots In Raleigh!

Best Cherry Blossom Spots In Raleigh!

It’s spring, and everyone loves to go cherry blossom hunting at this time of year.  Cherry blossoms are infamous for blowing at pretty different times of year here in NC, but a good average time to expect them is between mid February. and early March.  In 2020, they were blooming downtown on January 10!!

You’ll also probably notice that cherry blossoms are often found on the sides of roadways where it necessarily isn’t safe or easy to go grab a selfie or take a picture to remember the by.  Fear not! Photographer Jeannene Matthews of JR Photography is here with her favorite (safe) cherry blossom spots!

1. Village District (downtown Raleigh)

The pink flowers are abundant here in Village District (formerly known as Cameron village).  You can walk right up to them on the sidewalk-lined streets and grab some delicious local food, go boutique shopping, or grab some ice cream during your visit.   Village District is super walkable and a great place to bring a pup, too!

2. Nash Square (downtown Raleigh)

Raleigh has two green spaces right in downtown, and one of them has a cluster of lovely pink blooms in the spring!  Nash Square (near Whisky Kitchen, the Fire Dept, the Police Station, and the News & Observer) has about 10 trees you can walk right under.  Look for the statue of the squirrel!

3. Falls of Neuse Road (near Bedford)

A busy street for sure, but Falls of Neuse road, near the Bedford subdivision, is beautifully blooming in the spring.  There is a sidewalk along the street which makes it a safe place to check out the flowers for adults, but maybe not children. 

4.  Leesville Rd. Community Park (North Raleigh)

Speaking of littles, the Leesville Rd. Community park and library is a great destination for families looking to admire the cherry blossoms.  The trees line the play area where the swing sets are, making it a safe option for the youngest of admirers. 

5. Pullen Park (west Raleigh)

Another great family destination, Pullen Park has cherry trees spattered all over its large campus.  This one has a bonus - you can come later in the spring for daffodils, Dogwood blooms, and a really great park for your children.

If you grab some pics - be sure to tag @propertyspecificrealty and @jrphotographync on instagram - we would LOVE to see and share them!!!


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